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Oil, fuel, air, gas, cabin air filters.
Since being established in 1982, Filtron specializes in the production of high quality filters for automotive, machines and motor units, heavy machinery and specialized equipment. Thanks to dynamic development, today we are a company with operations worldwide.
 More than half of our products are exported i.e. to Germany, Great Britain, France, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Switzerland, Russia, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Ukraine and Hungary as well as to America and Africa.
 We are part of the international motor concern Affinia Group, the leader in design, production and distribution as well as marketing on the global market of automotive and heavy duty parts.
 Constant investment in automated production processes, new technological solutions, efficient and modern production lines and continuous search for improved work methods ensure the quality of our product.
 Our range is more than 2300 types of filters with a quality standard equal to original equipment. We are a supplier of filters to companies such as: Volkswagen, General Motors, Ford, Land Rover, Jaguar, Mercedes-Benz, Saab, Lotus, Harley Davidson, Suzuki & Aston Martin.
 The FILTRON brand is intended for the spare parts market and the product is manufactured according to the same standards as the filters supplied to the manufacturers of motor vehicles.
 We have a state of the art laboratory where we perform air, fuel and oil filter tests in accordance with international and customer standards. We conduct very detailed inspections on raw materials, manufacture details as well as finished products in accordance with international standards. We have a metrology department dedicated to the actual production and a tool shop.
 We cooperate with our mother company WIX Filtration Corp., the biggest producer of filters on the American continent with its registered office in the USA.
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