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Fan sensors, pressure and valves sensors, reverse sensors, thermostats, temperature sensors.
The history of the company goes to 1927, when an American businessman Edgar Frank founded CALORSTAT company in Paris to produce thermostats for cooling systems. The Vernet name appear in 1952, when Bendix department of BOUSSAC Group began the production of thermostats for washing machines, which principle of action was based on wax characteristics. And in 1962 CALORSTAT, the main supplier of thermostats to European automotive branch, purchased Vernet. The usage of modern technologies in productive process  let Vernet produce more than 13 millions thermostats and sensors per year, which supplies to 150 world countries.
Vernet is European leader in development and production of thermostats and temperature sensors. Thermostats and temperature sensors are intended for both cars and trucks with petrol and diesel engines , that are used in water and oil cooling systems. The optimal balance correlation of price and quality does Vernet goods very competitive and attractive for consumers.
Thermostats and temperature sensors of Vernet are presented in wide range and  differ with highest quality (QS 9000 and ISO 9001 certificates). At the French warehouse a million of items are constantly in stock. Vernet products  have high accuracy of regulation of temperature, durability and long terms of exploitation . 60 percent of  produced goods are supplied to automotive conveyors: AUDI, BMW, CITROEN, FORD, MAZDA, MITSUBISHI, NISSAN, OPEL, PEUGEOT, RENAULT, etc.
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