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Reverse sensor, plug tray, gears, bolts, suspension sphere, clutch kits, flywheels, water pumps, fuel filters and pumps, timing belt kits, thermostats, crankshaft pulley, pulleys, tensioners, etc.
AUTOMOTOR France was founded in 1972.
 Initially, the company specialized in the consolidation of spare parts, produced for French vehicles by French OEM Suppliers, and their export to several African countries.
 Since that time, AUTOMOTOR France has significantly extended its operations and today occupies a leading position in the international distribution of automotive spare parts.
 Representing a large number of OEM Suppliers and Manufacturers, the company now has a strong market presence on all 5 continents, anywhere the market for French vehicles is expanding (Asia, South America and Eastern Europe).        
Today, with a customer network covering over 70 countries, most of its suppliers and partners are European. Under its private brand AUTOMOTOR France offers more than 100 product families, suitable for all types of French, European and even Asian vehicles.
 Since 2000, the AUTOMOTOR France head office is located in La Défense, the business centre of Paris.
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