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Spark plugs
BRISK Tábor is a joint stock company which was established by privatization of the Jiskra enterprise in 1992. It is a successor of the tradition of spark plug production in Tábor (Czech Republic), whose origins date back to 1935.
The renowned brand BRITA, CIL and PAL were always a guarantee of quality and they were also linked with a great success in the field of motoring sports. The current brand BRISK develops in continuation of these traditions.
The proprietary research base, extensive capital expenditures focused on production and especially on the introduction of quality systems resulted in a several times higher production volume and in penetration into the market of original equipment manufacturers (OEM). Also Brisk company is a supplier to "SKODA AUTO a.s.".
As far as production for the automotive industry is concerned, BRISK Tábor a.s. manufactures, besides spark plugs, also glow plugs and speed sensors.
The quality system of the manufacture process is certified according to standard ISO/TS 16949:2002. The environment is protected in compliance with ISO 14001.
The country of manufacture:
Czech Republic