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Glow plugs.
Dedax’s goal is to conquer top spot and become the leading manufacturer of aftermarket car parts in the industry. It knows that to achieve this, besides the passion and expertise it already commands, what is fundamental is its commitment to quality.
This why despite the economic crisis, the company has slashed its profit margins and is investing all its financial might into know-how, machinery, equipment and, above all, raw materials of certified high quality.
These are the same raw materials used by car manufacturers for their first equipment. But Dedax is committed to offering more than just spare parts that are equivalent to originals. Dedax spare parts are designed to be durable and efficient, as well as convenient. Because quality also means satisfying the needs of customers without fail.
So here is the full range of Dedax products—an array in constant expansion to satisfy the demands of the market, based on control systems under constant development to ensure products are fully tested, and marketed through a vast worldwide network to expand the reach of our efficient assistance services.
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