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The company started with the name Accumulatorenfabrik AG (AFA) in 1888 in the city of Hagen in the Ruhrgebiet. The company produced electric batteries (Accus) for the German submarines during WW2. After the war the company was renamed Hagen Batteries. In 1960 it was merged with Varta (a well known name in Mercedes batteries)
The company is a private limited liability company engaged in the development, manufacture and marketing of industrial batteries. It conducts its business from its registered head office located in Soest, Germany.
 The company’s business operation is primarily involved in manufacture batteries for electrically powered engines. It also provides unbroken electricity supply from fixed power plants to radio stations, airports, concert halls, shopping centers and hospitals etc. The company’s batteries are used in ships and submarines, mining vehicles, wheelchairs, conveyer belts, road sweepers, washing machine, and any other vehicle operating in closed rooms. Its batteries are also used in communication technology and alarm systems
Hagen develops successfully in western Europe  countries (Germany, Italy, Spain), central Europe countries (Czech Republic, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Romania) and in eastern markets (Belarus, Ukraine, Russia).
Exide present Hagen in contrast to cheap and bad-quality accumulators of competitors.
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