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Air, fuel, oil, automatic transmission, cabin filters.
KNECHT is known as the largest supplier of filters to the world market. The company cooperates with such huge car giants as BMW, Mercedes, Audi, Ferrari, Ford and many others. The company’s manufacture is completely conformed to ISO 9001and QS 9000 standards.  The history of concern starts from 1899. Then unknown engineer Adolf Knecht founded small manufacture of filter elements for industrial needs.
By the beginning of previous century the company was the largest manufacture at European filter market. The main interest direction of Knecht manufacture was automotive market. Developing information technologies , in 1955 Knecht concern  was the first to develop the technology of paper usage as filter material in engine filters. Nowadays that is technology which is used in all car engines. In 1977 Knecht company united with larger company – Mahle, which dealt with wide range of auto components.
Today  Knecht company is one of the most known and popular brands in the sphere of development and manufacture of auto filters, and not only at European market. Thanks to products quality the annual Mahle turnover in the filter sphere is more than 600 million euro. There are more than 4000 people work at 8 Mahle factories.
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