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Brake pads
MINTEX – is considered to be the name of high quality brake-shoe linings from the very beginning of vehicle industry development. Mintex has been one of leading producers of friction linings for a period of 100 years. At present the trademark Mintex pertains to the group of firms TMD Friction that is widely known as one of the world-wide pioneers in the field of brake-shoe lining production. TMD Friction  is a global supplier of brake-shoe linings both for primary fitting out of vehicle industry and aftermarket.
The group of firms TMD Friction provides over 4 500 employees with workplaces in 15 objects in 10 countries of the world.
The constant refinement of elaboration and optimization of personal manufacturing program stays on “the philosophy” of the trademark Mintex. It gives the production with Mintex trade mark an option of being always one step ahead their competitors. The personal manufacturing and research program is additionally intensified by TMD Friction specialists, with the help of whom new quality standards for the whole Mintex manufacturing program are defined.
Mintex manufacturing program introduces over 1.500 of brake-shoe linings, over 300 kinds of brake pads, about 1000 kinds of brake discs and 100 types of brake drums, as well as the whole requisite and brake fluid program.
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