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Suspension parts, CV Boot, muffler fasteners, motor and gearbox bolsters.
TEKNOROT is the biggest manufacturer of suspension systems for passenger and light commercial vehicles, with its current aftermarket capacity, in Europe. The second package of its goods is called RODRUNNER.
 Teknorot was founded in 1992 with 100% Turkish capital and today is manufacturing in Düzce Industrial Area, based on a 67000 m² field in 40000 m² closed area, with more than 1200 employees and high-tech machinery.               
 With the increasing demand and the improvements in the market, Düzce establishment has started to operate in June 2008 with full capacity using high-tech production and control equipments. Düzce establishment is also the symbol of new manufacturing methods, new management concept and high quality.
 Teknorot, aiming the customer satisfaction and business perfection for its own future, has obtained a well deserved reputation in Europe and has been exporting %87 of its manufacture to 35 countries, mainly in Europe. 
 Teknorot, containing hot steel and aluminium forging facility, bushing production facility, cataphoresis and zinc/zinc-phosphate covering facility in its organization, is a leader in the market. Teknorot operates always with The ALWAYS AHEAD principle in the production, research and development, sales and quality guaranty.
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