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SKF company was founded in 1907 and has already been one of the most innovative world companies, being at the front line of progress in many branches of industry – including car, aerospace, railway, shipbuilding and other industries.
Using our own experience as an original equipment supplier for car manufacturers all over the world, SKF is the supplier of high quality products to the aftermarket, including wheel bearings and hubs (VKBA), belt drive components (VKM/A/S/C) and gearbox parts (VKT), drive shafts, CV joints (VKJA/C/P) and belts (VKMV), water pumps (VKPC/A) and suspension parts (VKD/A/C).
The quality of SKF products is confirmed not only by laboratory tests, but also by Formula 1 and NASCAR high-speed tracks, complex industrial plants and open space, where SKF technology was an important part of NASA expeditions to the Moon and Mars.
Received in absolutely different conditions knowledge you can use in your car – by setting SKF share parts, having acknowledged the choice of dozens of car manufacturers, that use our parts in the most crucial units of cars.
SKF products’ range is dynamically developing , new articles in different product groups appear everyday.