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Bearing of different kinds; pulleys.
Through its reputation for quality, its capacity to innovate and its expertise, NTN-SNR has become the choice of the largest automotive OEM manufacturers in the world and their preferred partner in the Aftermarket.
It is recognized for its high quality products and its exclusive solutions, such as the ASB® concept, "Active Sensor Bearing".
 NTN-SNR attaches specific importance to the Aftermarket and distribution networks. During the early 1990's SNR created SNR Aftermarket. This entity, totally dedicated to the automotive Aftermarket, offers products suited to the market needs while continuously expanding its product and service offer.
Our success and reputation for quality amongst OEM manufacturers has helped to insure NTN-SNR Aftermarket client satisfaction.
NTN-SNR's increased penetration of leading manufacturers allows the Aftermarket to benefit from optimum coverage of the car fleet.
The Aftermarket is a complex activity involving many market contributors : OEM manufacturers, spare parts manufacturers, distributors, stockists, specialists, car centres, car mechanics.
 The Aftermarket, supported by an ageing car fleet, is extremely competitive.
Technological advances, and the new 1400/2002 regulations, have made the market even more dynamic.
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