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Brake pads
The company Textar is represented as a company with a turnover of over 500 million marks, about 1500 employees. Moreover the company is regarded as a leading one in production and marketing of brake pads for vehicle and railway industries. TEXTAR is a part of the world-wide corporate group BBA Group PLC. This is one of the largest international corporate groups on frictional material production for vehicle industry.
The German company TMD Friction GmbH is a producer of brake –shoe linings of the trade mark Textar for a wide range of motor auto transport makes and also FORMULA XT brake system cleaners. The product range, produced by the company amounts approximately 970 positions.  The marketing research by TMD Friction GmbH specialists pointed out that the products by the given company cover about 93% of the European market needs. The wide service program includes brake-shoe linings supplies of the electronic catalogue, leasing, merchandising, consulting of individual customers via “hot line” telephone
In 1994 TEXTAR industrial capacity assigned DIN EN SIO 9001 certificate and in 1998 another one- QS-9000 certificate. The company FORD awarded TEXTAR with their own Q1 certificate and as for the companies GENERAL MOTORS and ITT, they awarded it the title “Supplier Of the Year”. Practically all the largest automakers rely on Textar brake pads quality, as TEXTAR production answers the highest international quality standards
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