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Brake discs, brake pads and shoes, brake shoes kits.
The headquarter of TRUSTING S.p.A. is located in Borgo San Lorenzo, few kilometres far from Florence. TRUSTING S.p.A. with its thirty year-old experience is European leader in the Brake Parts production thanks to the quality of its products and the continuous research of new technical solutions; in fact in 1985 TRUSTING S.p.A. was the first European Company to eliminate the asbestos from its own production, showing a particular attention to the environment.
 The range of TRUSTING products, Brake Shoes, Brake Pads, Brake Shoes Kits, Brake Discs, Hydraulic (Wheel Cylinders, Pressure Regulating Valves, Master Cylinders, Slave Cylinders, Clutch Master Cylinders) is the widest on the International Market of European and Asian cars, commercial vehicles and trucks. The greatest part of these are homologated by TUV.
 After the achievement of ISO9002 Certification in 1997 many improvements have been realized on the production process and qualification of our suppliers in order to improve the quality of the product; everything was finalised by getting the 9001:2000 Certification in 2003. A qualified computerized process in the plants and warehouses allows quick and complete deliveries.
TRUSTING S.p.A. Brake Shoes were the first ones to be produced without asbestos but employing high quality material. They are also certified by the most important European Authorities.
 Trusting has also the ECE R-90 homologation as a further guarantee of the friction material used in the production of its own Brake Parts. ECE R-90 is the official European legislation that imposes strict quality standards.
 The completeness of the offer with about 500 references in its own Catalogue (many of which homologated) is one of TRUSTING S.p.A. points of strength.
A deep research and development has allowed the realization of the friction materials of TRUSTING S.p.A. Brake Pads with exclusive production technologies that can guarantee the peculiar properties of TRUSTING S.p.A. manufactured items granting a high and constant quality level. The strict Control System uses updated techniques that satisfy the International legislation and operate in accordance to the most modern safety requirements and environmental respect.
TRUSTING S.p.A. asbestos-free Brake Pads respect the ECE R-90 legislations and guarantee a high level performance and comfort in accordance to the safety standards of the most evolved automotive markets.
 The range of TRUSTING S.p.A. Brake Pads for cars, commercial vehicles and heavy trucks is composed by more than 1000 references.
 Our Company can supply its Customers the Brake Pads to be applied on almost all vehicles produced in Europe and in the Far East.
TRUSTING S.p.A. sends to its Customers continuous updates referred to the Brake Pads for new models, as we give our Service Level the same importance as the Quality of our Products.
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